Podcast Program of Create World 2008

Extending the wisdom, Brisbane 7-10 Dec 2008

Podcast Program of Create World 2008

Conjectures in Digital Aesthetics …

December 22, 2008 · 1 Comment · Education in Virtual Worlds, Research in the Creative Arts

Watch this Episode, which is a vodcast in three parts; files are mp4 format, playable on an iPod. To download please right-click links:

  1. Conjectures in Digital Aesthetics part 1 34.9 mb
  2. Conjectures in Digital Aesthetics part 2 38.7 mb
  3. Conjectures in Digital Aesthetics part 3 36.8 mb

Panel members (L to R above): Prof Roly Sussex, facilitator (University of Queensland); Prof Paul Draper (Griffith University); Dr. Kate Foy (late of University of Southern Queensland); Prof Phil Long (University of Queensland).

Analogue and digital have re-defined their relationship in artistic production over the past two decades. This panel raises as many questions as it attempts to answer. What a perfect opportunity to use the feedback facility offered by this site!

Digital reigns for recording, the placing of output on permanent record in the performing arts. And it has won the day for dissemination for all the arts. True, one attends an exhibition. But what exhibition of note does not have a website, the better to project its work to an international audience?

In the visual arts, oils, paper, pastel, lithography, stone are surely still fundamental, not only to the artistic object, but also to its means of conception and production. And yet there are digital resources for graphic production, from CADCAM to drawing programs to digital printing, which meansthat the artist’s output is not just disseminated digitally, but is directly
experienceable in the digital form.

Nonetheless, there are many practices which will remain ‘analogue’. In fact it is the extended relationship between the new and the old that makes both traditional and now niche  practices more effective and sustainable. And then there are hybrids – a cross-mixing of analogue and digital.

The panel asks many questions:

  • What is the relationship between digital and pre-digital artistic media?
  • How does the new affect the old?
  • How does the old affect the new?
  • Does ubiquitous dissemination affect the status of the aesthetic experience?
  • And what of creation?

Help formulate the responses to these questions. Watch these episodes and then go to the comment board to contribute your ideas.

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