Podcast Program of Create World 2008

Extending the wisdom, Brisbane 7-10 Dec 2008

Podcast Program of Create World 2008

The Three Professors reflect on Create World

December 26, 2008 · 1 Comment · Conference Podcasting - extending the paradigm, Performance, Research in the Creative Arts

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The Three Professors

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This episode is a little different from the others in the Create World 2008 Podcast Program. This 8 minute vodcast (video podcast) episode explains the character of Create World and provides a rich visual record of what happened at Griffith University in Brisbane Qld on the 7-10 December 2008.

We asked Professors Roly Sussex (UQ), Paul Draper (Griffith) and Phil Long (UQ) to reflect on the special character of Create World, and have brought you their subsequent discussion against the background of some 124 shots of this great conference, provided to us from hundreds taken by Stephen Johnston (ECU), editor, and Paul Godfrey (ECU), photographer, of the AUC magazine "Wheels for the Mind".

You can access this episode in different file formats and sizes. You can watch it on Youtube by clicking below, download it from the Podcast Program site by right clicking the links above, or have an iPod friendly version delivered to your computer as part of the program subscription.

Now we know a lot of you who attended Create World 2008 will enjoy the memories but we would like to encourage you to do much more with this episode.

Share the Wisdom and Promote Create World: Help your colleagues at your institution learn more about the knowledge and wisdom emanating from the conference. Set up a "brown-bag lunch" meeting or informal think-tank, where you can talk about ideas from Create World that may be of benefit to your institution. Use this episode as an introduction to the conference and then choose clips and ideas from any of the other 23 episodes in the Create World Podcast Program to explore those things that, as Roly Sussex says in this episode, "might take you to new places, and bounce you from where you are now to where you want to go next"

To help those who would like to run these meetings we have available a stand-alone player, for Mac OS only, which runs this presentation in an uncompressed stunning full screen mode. …. it’ll get their attention. It is a chunky 435 mb so please email Allan Carrington and we can work out how to get a CD to you.

Share your creative ideas: Help others who attended Create World 2008 by sharing with us how you use this presentation, and the other content in the Podcast Program, to disseminate your Create World learnings to your colleagues. Please contribute your ideas and experiences by commenting on this blog or better still, record your thinking on the comment board. Be part of the wisdom – and make Create World 2009 an even better experience.

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  • Kate Foy

    Great job on extending the wisdom of the conference via the blog format. It looks terrific. This format of ‘conference proceedings publication’ has the potential to spread the word, the pictures, the sounds beyond the conference venue gates. Here’s to further debate, thinking, and comment.

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